Stone-Goff’s portfolio company founders and executives are proven leaders — and experts within their respective fields.

Given the knowledge, passion, and connectivity they bring to the table, it is only natural for founders and executives to hold meaningful equity stakes in their company and remain at the forefront of shaping its future.

Our work with our portfolio company partners is collaborative, iterative, supportive, and flexible. As the first institutional investor in many of our portfolio companies, we take care in providing the best resources to successfully execute our shared vision of growth for each partner company.

Our job boils down to collaborating, championing management teams, and ensuring each team has what it needs to win.

Aligning for Growth
Alignment is achieved through equity partnerships with founders and executives in the business
Every company is different, so we act accordingly — offering support appropriate for each specific business and its ambitions
Planning for growth, we establish strategic alignment at the outset of each partnership
We listen first and then work alongside company teams to help them execute, bringing resources to bear to add value

Working Alongside Management Teams
Every founder is unique, and each business has different needs and strengths. Because of this, SGP’s support is customized and adaptable.

Growth Strategy DevelopmentTechnology ImprovementsM&A Best Practices & ExecutionStrategic MarketingBoard Creation, Structure & SupportFinancial Planning & AnalysisKPI Development & ImplementationVisibility TacticsTalent Support & Resources

Connecting at Our Annual Management Summit
With a focus on strengthening relationships among portfolio company leadership teams, we held SGP’s inaugural Management Summit in November 2023 at the ‘Quin House in Boston.

Our 2024 Summit is already on the books, and this gathering will serve as an annual opportunity for executive leadership teams, company founders and board members from current and former portfolio companies to connect, share best practices and build their networks within the SGP ecosystem.